The Application of Layered Progressive Teaching Method in Nursing Teaching of Health Management Centre


Objective: To explore the clinical effect of the layered progressive teaching method in the process of nursing teaching in the health management centre. Methods: 100 nursing students in the health management centre of our hospital were randomly divided into two groups from April 2018 to April 2019, in which students of the control group were treated with routine teaching, while those of the experimental group were treated with layered progressive teaching. Then, the teaching effect of the two groups was compared and analysed. Results: The assessment results of nursing students in the two groups were compared, in which the theoretical knowledge scores and practical operation scores of nursing students in the experimental group were (94.34 ± 2.33) and (90.45 ± 2.20) respectively. By contrast, the score of students in the control group was lower and the difference between the two groups was not significant (P<0.50). The teaching effect of students in the experimental group is more significant. Conclusion: During the process of nursing teaching in the Health Management Centre, the progressive teaching method showed a significant clinical effect and could effectively enhance students’ scores. Therefore, it is positively significant for clinical development.