Analysis and Study of the Treatment of the Toe Defect under the Condi- tional Arrangement of the Toe Artery Skin Flap


To study on the clinical efficacy of the repairing of the toe defect of the tip of the toe artery with skin flap. 48 patients with tip of toe defects who were admitted to our department from May 2014 to December 2015 were randomly divided into two groups: control group and observation group, 24 cases in each group. The patients in the control group were treated with abdominal pedicle flap while the patients in the observation group were treated with the toe artery skin flap for repair. The clinical curative effect of the two groups was analyzed. The total effective rate of clinical treatment was 23 (95.83%) in the observation group was significantly higher than that in the control group, 19 (79.16%), and the elasticity and texture of the flap were good and no obvious adverse reaction occurred. The difference between the two groups was significant, p<0.05. The use of the toe artery skin flap for the treatment of the tip of toe defect has a significant clinical effect, and no serious adverse reactions occurred, highly safety.