Special Issue: All about Pharmaceutical Drug Interventions, From Inventing the Drug to its Therapeutic Effect on Patient Health--Call for Papers

Special Issue Editors

Prof. Mohamed EA Abdelrahim

Guest Editor


Faculty of Pharmacy, Beni-Suef University, Egypt


Interests: Pharmaceutical intervention; drug discovery; drug development; pharmacokinetic effect; pharmacodynamics effect; microbiological effect; biochemical effect


Dear Colleagues

Pharmacy is a great branch of health care. It affects all types of patients at any level of severity. It starts from the invention of a new drug nucleus to the use of this nucleus in patients to treat a certain disease. Before the application of the drug to the patients, it passes through several steps to validate this purpose, including drug discovery, drug development, pharmacokinetic effect, pharmacodynamics effect, microbiological effect, biochemical effect, formulation of the drug in a proper dosage form suitable for the patient to administer. This issue focuses on all these aspects related to pharmacy from drug invention to the clinical effect of the drug on patients.


-Pharmaceutical Intervention

-Drug Discovery

-Drug Development

-Pharmacokinetic Effect

-Pharmacodynamics Effect

-Microbiological Effect

-Biochemical Effect

Deadline: 2023.03.31