Technologies for Asphalt Pavement Surface Testing in Road and Bridge Construction
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Asphalt pavement surface layer
Road and bridge engineering construction
Testing technology



Submitted : 2023-02-26
Accepted : 2023-03-13
Published : 2023-03-28


Asphalt pavement is currently one of the main components in the construction of roads and bridges. However, from a practical point of view, various quality problems are prone to occur in the surface layer of asphalt pavement, which will lead to the poor overall quality of road and bridge projects. Therefore, it should be applied reasonably. Advanced testing technologies are used to test the mixture quality, compaction, segregation, thickness, and other aspects of the asphalt pavement surface layer, so as to improve the quality of the asphalt pavement surface layer, and then improve the overall quality of road and bridge construction. Therefore, this paper mainly analyzes the technologies for asphalt pavement surface layer testing in road and bridge engineering construction.


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