Control Points of the Compaction Technology for Subgrades and Pavements in Municipal Road Engineering

Pingju Li, Mengzhen Shi


With the rapid development of current social economy, China’s infrastructure construction is constantly increasing. The development of transportation industry and road structure which serve as infrastructure facility for the vehicles are fundamental aspect in economy growth. It’s not only convenience to people for
travel, but also as a good foundation for the development of economy. Therefore, the quality of road construction is of great significance importance in the process of development. As technology advances, engineering construction is continuously expanding, especially in the road engineering sector. In this point, it’s necessary to impose strict quality control over related matters and ensure the quality and safety of municipal road construction. In the construction of municipal road engineering, one of the most important components is the compaction of subgrades and pavements, which requires more supervision. The compaction should match the requirements of road design and implement
relevant work.

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