Study on Steel Bar Construction Technology of Frameshear Wall in High-Rise Buildings

Wei Wang


The development of the construction sector is rapidly growing, which induce competition at global level. In order to achieve the current economic development, more high-rise buildings construction projects were commenced without considering importance of the land to human and other living organism. On the other hand, the quality and safety aspect of the engineering technology used must be analyzed carefully and to be the primary aim for engineers to reduce any risk of harm in future. Many of the high-rise buildings in China consist of a frame or skeleton of reinforced concrete wall which need to be
strengthened with shear walls to improve the stability and safety of the structures. According to practical work experience and relevant theoretical knowledge, the researcher introduced the reinforcement construction technology of frame-shear wall for high-rise buildings in depth from aspects like the arrangement of steel bar, construction preparation, steel bar anchorage, precautions to follow for the related work in future.

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