Discussion on Aircraft Technology and It's Impact on Architecture in the Architectural History of 1903-1940

Nedime Tuba Yusufoğlu


Having been invented at the beginning of 20th century, aircraft is the concrete success of human being related to flying fantasy, which has been existing for centuries. The centuries-old studies accelerated in the 19th century and it has been finally succeeded to take off under Wright Brothers in 1903 together with scientific and technologic processes. A creative energy boosted at the beginning of 20th century and a new age, ”age of aviation and aircraft” emerged. The politic a atmosphere  in the world was considerably tense at the beginning of 20th century. World War I and World War II were experienced. War Effort was directly effective in the development of aircraft and aviation architecture. In terms of aviation architecture, aircraft hangars, aircraft factories, wind tunnels, runways and airports can be considered. Birth and development of aircraft industry are in parallel with birth and development of modern architecture (and organic architecture). The period between 1918-1939 is characterized as “Golden Age” of aviation in the West (particularly in the U.S). The literature and archive resources have been reviewed in the Republic of Turkey simultaneously. In this article, interactions between aircraft technology and aviation architecture are discussed.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26689/jard.v2i2.309


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