A Review on Self-Cleaning Coatings for Tunnels


Tunnel coatings
Fire retardant
Exhaust gas degradation




Self-cleaning coatings for tunnels can effectively remove dust and stains accumulated over the surface of tunnel linings and their appurtenances due to the closed environment and poor ventilation. This paper systematically introduces the current research status of self-cleaning coatings for tunnels, focusing on the development of super-hydrophobic self-cleaning coatings, superamphiphobic self-cleaning coatings, exhaust gas degradation coatings, fire retardant coatings, and tunnel de-icing coatings. The advantages and disadvantages of the five functional coatings are then briefly described, and the problems of self-cleaning coatings for tunnels at the present stage are pointed out. Finally, the development direction of self-cleaning coatings for tunnels is proposed to provide a reference for the research and application of self-cleaning coatings for tunnels.


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