A Literature Review of Wave-Induced Heave Motion of Floating Structures

Jia qi Xue


This paper provides comprehensive review on heave motion of rigid floating structure due to wave impacts. To specify and explain the structure response, this review firstly provides a brief introduction on ocean sea wave theory, floating structure motion interpretation. Then the floating body motion in regular waves was demonstrated using a superposition method of the oscillated motion in still water and the restrained motion in waves. Meanwhile, added mass and damping coefficient, these two frequency-dependent terms are brought into discussion to generate the motion response with given wave amplitude, which is known for response amplitude operator( RAO). Based on the study in regular waves, RAO of floating structure in irregular waves is introduced while no longer in time domain but in frequency domain. The whole review covers the literatures from the early 1980s up to nowadays, based on the review, it is recommended that more experimental work regarding to frequency characteristic and relative response of larger floating body should be carried out to improve the accuracy of this method.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.1234/jard.v2i1.247


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