Comparative study on characteristics and development of Chinese and western architectural culture


Architecture is an indispensable part of the development of human civilization and the carrier of human civilization. The evolution of architectural style can also reflect the development of a nation. With the continuous development of history, the preservation and development of historic sites has gradually become a topic of common concern in China and the west. However, with the continuous development of modern technology, there are fewer and fewer traditional cultural elements in the newly-built buildings, which lead to the gradual loss of some traditional architectural culture. In order to avoid the further aggravation of this phenomenon, something should be done. From the perspective of the development characteristics of Chinese and western architectural culture, the characteristics and differences of the development process of Chinese and western architecture were listed from ancient to modern times, and gradually the main reasons for the different development directions and characteristics were analyzed. In addition, according to the law and characteristics of the development of Chinese and western architecture, some methods on how to solve the inheritance of Chinese modern architecture to traditional culture were put forward.