Application of Decoration Culture of Traditional Manchu Residence in Architectural Landscape Design


In recent years, China’s urban construction has been gradually influenced by Western culture and ideologies. The planning of urban development has been carried out in accordance with Western ideologies. As a result, this has prevented our local buildings and architectures to showcase unique local style and characteristics. Even under the influence of global urbanization, the development trend has prevented the construction of global cities from displaying the characteristics of their respective cities. Therefore, it is highly important for a nation not to lose the direction in the design of the urban landscape, and not to blindly imitating the architectural style of other countries or other cities. In addition, the nation and its cities should show their respective unique cultural charm and cultural characteristics and present their best to the whole world in order to promote the popularity of the cities, expand their influence and get onto a better development path. This article mainly introduces the application of the decoration culture of the traditional Manchu residence in the architectural landscape design.