Clinical Analysis of Patients with Cervical Cancer After Adequate Radiotherapy and Surgery
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Cervical cancer
Adequate radiotherapy
Surgical treatment
Clinical effect



Submitted : 2023-05-21
Accepted : 2023-06-05
Published : 2023-06-20


Objective: To explore the effect of giving adequate radiotherapy before surgery on the recovery of patients with cervical cancer. Methods: An experimental study was carried out in Aviation General Hospital (hereafter referred as our hospital) from March 2022 to March 2023. Fifty patients with cervical cancer were retrospectively analyzed. The patients underwent surgery 15–20 days after adequate external radiotherapy, and the clinical effect was analyzed. Results: The symptoms of the patients were relieved, among which contact bleeding and irregular vaginal bleeding completely resolved in 27 patients and 19 patients, respectively; although intermittent vaginal bleeding persisted in 3 patients, the symptom improved compared with before treatment; for 1 patient, the treatment was ineffective, as there was no significant improvement in symptoms. For patients with stage IB2 cancer, the tumor reduction rate after treatment was about 50%–70%, but the reduction in 2 patients was insignificant. Conclusion: Cervical cancer is a serious condition. Adequate radiotherapy before surgery has a significant effect. It reduces the difficulty of surgery and creates an opportunity for patients to undergo surgery, thus improving the treatment effect. Therefore, it is worthy of clinical promotion.


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