Analysis of the Design and Application of a Novel CT Secondary Cable Line Calibrator
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CT secondary cable line
Power system



Submitted : 2024-03-10
Accepted : 2024-03-25
Published : 2024-04-09


With the rapid development of electrical power systems, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of power transmission has become particularly crucial. The secondary cable line calibrator for current transformers (CT) plays an essential role in calibrating electrical power systems. It is not only related to the safe operation of the system but also directly impacts the accuracy of energy metering. This study aims to design and analyze an efficient CT secondary cable line calibrator to explore its application effects in the power system. By thoroughly analyzing the characteristics of CT secondary cable lines and the design requirements of the calibrator, this paper proposes an innovative design scheme for the calibrator. This device demonstrates significant effects in enhancing the accuracy and stability of power system calibration, providing robust technical support for the optimization and upgrade of the power system. This research not only offers a theoretical basis and practical guidance for the design and application of CT secondary cable line calibrators but also contributes new ideas and methods for the precise calibration and efficient management of the power system.


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