Research on Silicon Carbide Dispersion-Reinforced Hypereutectic Aluminum-Silicon Electronic Packaging Materials
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Silicon carbide
Electronic packaging materials
Powder metallurgy
Mechanical properties
Composite materials



Submitted : 2024-02-26
Accepted : 2024-03-12
Published : 2024-03-27


The objective of this study is to improve the mechanical properties and machining performance of high thermal conductivity and low expansion silicon carbide dispersion-strengthened hypereutectic aluminum-silicon electronic packaging materials to meet the needs of aviation, aerospace, and electronic packaging fields. We used the powder metallurgy method and high-temperature hot pressing technology to prepare SiC/Al-Si composite materials with different SiC contents (5vol%, 10vol%, 15vol%, and 20vol%). The results showed that as the SiC content increased, the tensile strength of the composite material first increased and then decreased. The tensile strength was the highest when the SiC content was 15%; the sintering temperature significantly affected the composite material’s structural density and mechanical properties. Findings indicated 700 ℃ was the optimal sintering and the optimal SiC content of SiC/Al-Si composite materials was between 10% and 15%. Besides, the sintering temperature should be strictly controlled to improve the material’s structural density and mechanical properties.


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