Research on the Construction of Group Elderly Care Service Platform Based on IoT Technology
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Internet of Things technology
Group-based elderly care services
Efficiency improvement



Submitted : 2024-02-28
Accepted : 2024-03-14
Published : 2024-03-29


Internet of Things (IoT) technology is widely used in various fields, and its application in elderly care services has been highlighted in recent years. This study aims to explore how IoT technology can improve the efficiency of group-based elderly care services. The concept, characteristics, and current application status of IoT technology in elderly care services were introduced. Secondly, the characteristics and needs of group elderly care services were analyzed, including advantages and challenges, as well as the expectations and needs of the elderly for elderly care services. The evaluation methods and future development directions of IoT technology in improving the efficiency of group elderly care services were discussed, including data collection and analysis methods, selection and measurement of efficiency evaluation indicators, challenges, and development directions.


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