Advanced Technologies for Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Emission Treatment: An Overview
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Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
Emission treatment technologies
Catalytic combustion
Adsorption methods
Environmental protection



Submitted : 2024-02-28
Accepted : 2024-03-14
Published : 2024-03-29


This paper presents a comprehensive overview of various advanced technologies employed in the treatment of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are crucial pollutants in industrial emissions. The study explores different methods, including direct combustion, thermal combustion, catalytic combustion, low-temperature plasma purification, photocatalytic purification, membrane separation, and adsorption methods. Each technology is critically analyzed for its operational principles, efficiency, and applicability under different conditions. Special attention is given to adsorption concentration and catalytic combustion parallel method, highlighting its efficiency in treating low-concentration, high-volume VOC emissions. The paper also delves into the advantages and limitations of each method, providing insights into their effectiveness in various industrial scenarios. The study aims to offer a detailed guide for selecting appropriate VOC treatment technologies, contributing to enhanced environmental protection and sustainable industrial practices.


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