Structure Improvement and Optimization of Gantry Milling System for Complex Boring and Milling Machining Center
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Machining center gantry milling system structure
Natural frequency; Stiffness
Multi-objective topology optimization



Submitted : 2023-08-30
Accepted : 2023-09-14
Published : 2023-09-29


To enhance the efficiency and machining precision of the TX1600G complex boring and milling machining center, a study was conducted on the structure of its gantry milling system. This study aimed to mitigate the influence of factors such as structural quality, natural frequency, and stiffness. The approach employed for this investigation involved mechanism topology optimization. To initiate this process, a finite element model of the gantry milling system structure was established. Subsequently, an objective function, comprising strain energy and modal eigenvalues, was synthesized. This objective function was optimized through multi-objective topology optimization, taking into account certain mass fraction constraints and considering various factors, including processing technology. The ultimate goal of this optimization was to create a gantry milling structure that exhibited high levels of dynamic and static stiffness, a superior natural frequency, and reduced mass. To validate the effectiveness of these topology optimization results, a comparison was made between the new and previous structures. The findings of this study serve as a valuable reference for optimizing the structure of other components within the machining center.


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