New Generation Semi-Automatic Thermosonic Wire Bonder
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High frequency ultrasonic
Gold wire bonding
Ball formation
Bonding tool
Matching parts of ultrasonic transducer



Submitted : 2023-01-01
Accepted : 2023-01-16
Published : 2023-01-31


The physical and technological aspects of wire ball-wedge bonding in the assembly of integrated circuits are considered. The video camera and the pattern recognition system (PRS) of new bonder helps to provide accurate positioning of the bonding tool on the chip pads of integrated circuits. The formation of the loop wire cycle is ensured by the synchronous movement of the bonding head along the Z axis and the working table along the XY axes based on the servo drive.  A feature of the bonder is that it can bond all the wire loops of the electronic device according to the pre-recorded program without needing to align the bonding points.


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