Application of New Energy Natural Gas in Ship Engineering


Traditional ships are mainly diesel or gasoline as fuel, and diesel and gasoline are produced by the oil refining products. Oil is a non-renewable energy, human development step by step consumption of limited oil, while burning oil produced by the poisonous gas day and night to destroy the planet we live on. As the soaring oil prices and ecological deterioration, many ship-owners to the eyes of the gas to the above, the natural gas as a ship of fuel calls are getting higher and higher. The development of the technology has to get more attention by the industry itself. This paper mainly discusses the application of the new clean energy natural gas in ship engineering, and explains in detail the advantages and disadvantages of natural gas as a new energy source, the concrete application in ship power and the prospect of future energy shortage. As a new type of energy used in the ship is to solve the problem of power and China in the gas fuel as a ship power of the relevant provisions.