Artificial Intelligence Research Journal

Artificial Intelligence Research Journal

Artificial Intelligence Research Journal (AIR) is a peer-reviewed & open access and an interdisciplinary journal about systems or architectures integrating multiple technologies. Highlight advances in uses of AI systems for solving tasks in management, industry, engineering, administration, and education; Evaluations of existing AI systems and tools, emphasizing comparative studies and user experiences; and the economic, social, and cultural impacts of AI.

The journal welcomes foundational and applied papers describing mature work involving computational accounts of aspects of intelligence.
The topics related to this journal include but are not limited to:
Artificial Intelligence and Philosophy、Automated reasoning and inference、Cognitive aspects of AI、Constraint processing、High-level computer vision、Intelligent robotics、Machine learning、Natural language processing.

ISSN: ISSN request pending
Publication Frequency: Triannual(3 times a year)
Publishing Model: Open Access