Research Status and Application of AirSource Heat Pump Technology


Abstract: With the improvement of people's living standards, water heaters almost into the various households. In the energy-saving emission reduction has become the trend of the times today, saving energy and reducing carbon emissions is the most fashionable way of life. Air source heat pump water heaters are increasingly being used in people's lives. It is well known that it has many advantages, safety, energy saving, comfort, environmental protection, but there are some factors that affect its development and promotion. This paper mainly discusses the development history of air source heat pump technology at home and abroad, working principle, working flow, turbo technology at present stage, efficient heat exchange, and the research status of air source heat pump technology, such as new type refrigerant and dual frequency compression frequency conversion, then it discusses the application of air source heat pump technology, has the advantage, and finally discusses its application and the existence of two major problems and suggestions for improvement.