Vol 5 No 3 (2021): Proceedings of Anticancer Research
Proceedings of Anticancer Research
Published on May 31, 2021

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Understanding and Treatment of Peripheral Neurotoxicity Induced by Chemotherapy

Yang Zhou, Yami Zhang
DOI: 10.26689/par.v5i3.2102

Professor Wang Xisheng's Thoughts on Tumors and "Fu Yuan Fu Heng Method" for the Treatment of Malignant Tumors

Zhengyang Chen, Xisheng Wang
DOI: 10.26689/par.v5i3.2103

Clinical Analysis of Gemcitabine Combined with Tegafur Chemotherapy after Radical Surgery on Pancreatic Cancer

Wei Zheng, Xiang Yan, Xiaoxue Song
DOI: 10.26689/par.v5i3.2105

Observation on the Anesthesia Effect of Ultrasound-Guided Nerve Block for Elderly Patients with Lower Limb Fractures

Lihong Cheng, Shanzhi Luo
DOI: 10.26689/par.v5i3.2106

Giant Myofibroblastoma of the Breast: A Case Report and Clinicopathological Analysis

Haizhi Qiao, Minghan Yang, Jinku Zhang, Jirui Sun
DOI: 10.26689/par.v5i3.2107

Clinical Effect Observation of Jieyu Decoction in the Treatment of Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Hanmei Xue, Xiaofang Ren
DOI: 10.26689/par.v5i3.2108

Analysis on the Law of Chinese Medicine Use of Ulcerative Colitis and TCM Syndrome Differentiation and Treatment

Jiaojiao Zhang, Heng Mu, Xiaogang Wang, Xingxing Yu, Fan Zhang, Yi Li
DOI: 10.26689/par.v5i3.2109

Discussion on the Correlation Between Yang Deficiency & Cold-dampness and Malignant Tumors Based on "Diseases producing the liquid that is clear and chill all result from coldness"

Xiaoyu Wu , Yami Zhang
DOI: 10.26689/par.v5i3.2158

Research Progress of Two-dimensional Matrix Detectors in IMRT Dose Verification

Yufen Shang, Yuqing Xu, Fang Wang
DOI: 10.26689/par.v5i3.2159

Simultaneous Bilateral Thoracoscopic Pneumonectomy for Early Multiple Primary Lung Cancer Feasibility Analysis

Zhonglong Zheng, Tao Li, Yang Chen, Yang Zhang, Pan Zhang
DOI: 10.26689/par.v5i3.2160

A Case of A1 Wide-necked Aneurysm Embolization via the Front Communicating Artery

Meng Sun, Xinli Feng
DOI: 10.26689/par.v5i3.2166

Secondary Immune Thrombocytopenic Purpura in malignant peritoneal mesothelioma: A Paraneoplastic Syndrome

Yongqing Zheng, Mingdong Sun, Ruifang Wang, Yanru Li
DOI: 10.26689/par.v5i3.2220

Application of Quality Control Circle in Improving the Success Rate of Indwelling Needles in Patients

Huiling Liu, Baoli Heng, Xuling Li, Yahui Zhao, Huan Wang, Cuiqing Liu
DOI: 10.26689/par.v5i3.2544