Clinical Application Significance of Nutritional Support Therapy in Patients with End-stage Malignant Tumor

Tao Qin, Zonghui Jiang


【Abstract】Objective: To analyze the effect of nutritional support therapy on the clinical outcomes in patients with end-stage malignant tumors. Methods: Sample data collection was conducted from April 2015 to July 2018. Fifty-four patients with end-stage malignant tumors were enrolled in the study. They were divided into reference group (n=27) and experimental group (n= 27) by double-blind method. Conventional treatment was used in the reference group, while nutritional support therapy was used in the experimental group. The treatment effects of the two groups were compared. Results: Post-treatment effect of the experimental group and the reference group were compared using the parameters including total adverse reaction value, Cancer-Related Fatigue Score, quality of life, A/G, AS:AL, ALP, BUN, anorexia score, ALB, UA. The parameters such as A/G, AS:AL, ALP, BUN, anorexia score, ALB, UA were also used to compare between pre and post-treatment. The value of P <0.05 was used to indicate the statistical significance of the test. Conclusion: Nutritional support therapy had a superior effect in patients with end-stage malignant tumors.

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