Analyzing the CT Features of Primary Spontaneous Pneumothorax and Its Application Value


Primary spontaneous pneumothorax




Objective: To explore the performance characteristics of CT examination in primary spontaneous pneumothorax (PSP) and the effect of pleurodesis on patients with PSP. Methods: Sixty-four patients with PSP, who received medical care in the Affiliated Hospital of Hebei University from January 2017 to December 2021, were selected as the research subjects, of which 40 were male and 24 were female patients. All 64 patients were examined by X-ray and CT; the density, enhancement, and morphology of the pneumothorax were observed and analyzed, and the classification of pneumothorax was done. Results: The clinical analysis of 64 patients with PSP showed that the number of cases with unilateral pneumothorax was 42, accounting for 65.63%, whereas the number of cases with bilateral pneumothorax was 22, accounting for 34.37%. Among the cases of unilateral pneumothorax, the number of cases with left pneumothorax was 26, accounting for 61.90%, whereas the proportion of cases with right pneumothorax was 38.10%. When examined by CT, the diagnostic coincidence rate of 64 patients with PSP was 73.44%; using X-ray examination, the diagnostic coincidence rate of 64 patients with PSP was 92.19%. Conclusion: The detection accuracy of CT is higher than that of X-ray examination, which may improve the treatment effect in PSP, ensure the accuracy of findings, and facilitate follow-up treatment as well as the effect of postoperative analysis.


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