Role of Hormonal Manipulation in Prostate Cancer Management



Prostate cancer (PCa) treatment has seen several important developments over the last few decades in the form of improved surgical methods and advanced radiotherapy techniques but androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) still remains the cornerstone of medical management of this common male malignancy. The discovery of androgen-dependent nature of PCa about three-quarters of a century ago was a turning point that has since led to the development of various pharmacological agents which rely on the basic principle of hormonal manipulation in the form of ADT to alter disease progression. Initially employed for metastatic disease only, ADT for PCa in the current clinical practice finds use multiple stages of the disease. The present review summarises the chronological evolution of agents used for hormonal manipulation in the management of PCa, highlighting the pros and cons of each and sheds light on the potential future advances in this area.

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