Effect of Ovarian Transposition Therapy on Ovarian Function, Ovarian Blood Flow and Sexual Life Quality in Patients with Cervical Cancer

Xiaojuan Li


Objective To study the ovarian function, blood flow and quality of life in patients with cervical cancer after ovarian transposition. Methods 114 patients with cervical cancer during January 2015 to January 2016 were retrospectively analyzed, patients who don’t need ovarian transposition treatment were included in the control group (38 cases), and those who need ovarian transposition treatment were included in observation group, those who had accepted operation but not radiotherapy were in observation group 1 (38 cases), and those who had accepted operation and radiotherapy were in observation group 2 (38 cases). Then the ovarian function, ovarian blood flow and sexual life quality and complication were compared in each group. Results P, E 2 , LH and FSH indexes of all patients before operation showed no significant difference in statistical analysis (P > 0.05), after 12 months of follow-up, ovarian function index changes were observed in 2 groups, and the other two groups had significant difference (P < 0.05); preoperative blood group hemodynamic indexes were no significant difference (P < 0.05), after treatment, 2 groups’ RI was observed and was higher than other groups, and the difference between groups was significant (P < 0.05); The quality of sex life in the observation group was significantly higher than that in the control group, and the 2 groups had a statistically significant difference (p<0.05) compared to the 2 groups. In addition, the incidence rate of each group of complications was compared, observation 1 group and observation 2 group were higher than the control group, the statistical analysis of the group was significantly different (p<0.05). Conclusion Cervical cancer patients with ovarian shift after treatment, postoperative can still preserving ovarian function and sexual life quality also increased significantly, but the postoperative  patients  complicated with abdominal pain, without functional ovarian cysts; If ovarian shift line of postoperative radiation therapy, there are side effects on the ovarian function and sexual life. After the ovarian transposition treatment for patients with cervical cancer, they can still retain ovarian function, and the sexual life quality is also significantly improved, but abdominal pain and non-functional ovarian cyst may occur; if the radiation therapy was given after ovarian transposition, then side effects will appear in the ovarian function and sex life.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26689/par.v2i1.274


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