Causes and Treatment of Delayed Pseudoaneurysm after Percutaneous Coronary Intervention via Femoral Artery Approach

Yanhua Liu


Objective: to investigate the causes and treatment of delayed pseudoaneurysm after percutaneous coronary intervention via the femoral artery approach. Methods: Make restrospective analysis of the clinical data of 13 patients with delayed pseudoaneurysm after percutaneous coronary intervention in 2036 patients with coronary heart disease. Results: 13 cases of delayed pseudoaneurysm were diagnosed which were caused severe atherosclerosis of femoral artery. Among them, there are 11 cases were successfully repaired by ultrasound guided compression; 1 case was unsuccessful in compression but successfully be repaired by thrombin injection under ultrasound guidance; 1 case suffered from spontaneous rupture of pseudoaneurysm and was repaired after surgery. Conclusion: Delayed pseudoaneurysm can be
detected in time and has a favourable prognosis.

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