Effects of radiofrequency ablation assisted partial hepatectomy in the treatment of primary liver cancer

Yongbo Wang


Objective: To investigate the effects of radiofrequency ablation assisted partial hepatectomy in the treatment of primary liver cancer. Methods: A total of 60 patients with primary liver cancer treated in our hospital from March 2013 to October 2015 were selected as study subjects and were divided into the control group and the study group by the random number table method, 30 cases in each group. The control group were treated with partial hepatectomy. On the basis, the study group were treated with radiofrequency ablation. The operation associated indexes (operation time, the average wound bleeding volume, postoperative length of hospital stay), preoperative and postoperative liver function indexes [alanine aminotransferase (ALT), total bilirubin (TBIL), aspartate aminotransferase (AST)], the incidence of complications and recurrence rates in the two groups were observed. Results: The operation time and postoperative length of hospital stay of the study group were significantly shorter than those of the control group, and the average bleeding volume was significantly less than that of the control group (P < 0.05). There was no significant difference in ALT, TBiL and AST between the two groups before operation
(P>0.05). After operation, ALT, TBiL and AST in the two groups were significantly lower than those before operation, and the changes in the study group were greater than those in the control group (P < 0.05). The incidence of postoperative complications and the recurrence rate in 1 year after operation were significantly  lower than those in the control group (P < 0.05). Conclusion: Radiofrequency ablation has obvious positive effect in patients with primary liver cancer undergoing partial hepatectomy. It has advantages of little bleeding, short rehabilitation time, protecting liver function, few postoperative complications and low recurrence rate.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26689/par.v1i3.198


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