Clinical application effect evaluation of Kanglaite combined with DCF chemotherapy program in patients with gastric cancer

Haibin Ding


Objective: To evaluate the clinical application effect of Kanglaite combined with DCF chemotherapy program in the patients with gastric cancer. Methods: 86 cases who were all the gastric cancer patients admitted to our hospital from February 2014 to June 2016 were selected, according to randomly divided into two groups, control group and experimental group. The control group was treated with DCF treatment, and the experimental group were treated with Kanglaite combined DCF chemotherapy program, and the therapeutic effects, the quality of life of patients and incidence rate of adverse reactions in two groups were observed and compared. Result: Compared with the control group, the total effective rate and the quality of life score of the experimental group were significantly higher, and the incidence of adverse reactions was less (P < 0.05). Conclusion: In clinic, Kanglaite
combined with DCF chemotherapy program on patients with gastric cancer, can improve the treatment effect and life quality of patients, with less adverse reaction and high application value.

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