Clinical Application Value and Satisfaction Analysis of Physical Therapy in rehabilitation treatment of cervical spondylosis


Objective: To analyze the clinical value and nursing satisfaction of physical therapy in the rehabilitation of patients with cervical spondylosis. Methods: From November 2019 to November 2020, 84 patients with cervical spondylosis were randomly divided into two groups. Group A was given physical therapy, while group B was not given physical therapy. The differences of curative effect, cervical function, quality of life score and nursing satisfaction between the two groups were analyzed. Results: The curative effect of group A was 97.62% higher than that of group B 83.33%, P < 0.05; The score of cervical function in group A (8.09 ± 1.75) was higher than that in group B (8.09 ± 1.75), P < 0.05; The scores of quality of life in group A were better than those in group B (P < 0.05); The nursing satisfaction of group A was 95.24%, which was better than that of group B 78.57%, P < 0.05. Conclusions: Physical therapy intervention for patients with cervical spondylosis can improve nursing satisfaction and cervical function, which can be widely used.