Application and Experience of Putting People First in Hospital Human Resource Management


The recent years have witnessed the rapid economic growth of our country. The medical industry has also come to a new era. The number of hospital staff continues to increase, while some problems of managing human resource have gradually emerged. These problems have a bad impact on the functions of the hospital. We must attach great importance to solve them. In the process of managing the human resources of hospital, we must insist to put people first. That is how we can better boost the working initiative of medical staff, setting the foundation for the development of hospital in a long run. This article has conducted deepening research on this issue. First of all, it briefly introduced the theory of putting people first. And then it stated the connotation of the theory of putting people first applied in managing human resources of hospital. At last, it explored the strategies on applying the theory of putting people first in managing human resources of hospital in accordance to the concrete conditions.