Observations on the Diagnostic Effects of CT Examination (Enhanced Scan) on Hemorrhage Corpus Luteum Cyst


Objective: To investigate the diagnostic effects of enhanced CT scan on hemorrhage corpus luteum cyst (HCLC).  Methods: The clinical data of 24 patients with hemorrhage corpus luteum cyst diagnosed by surgery and pathology in our hospital were collected. All patients received enhanced CT scan to evaluate the diagnostic value of CT.  Results: The average diameter of the cysts in this group of patients was 5.1cm by CT. Further detection of the ruptured cyst wall showed that there was a liquid low-density shadow. Some of the cysts were accompanied by signs of increased density, indicating the presence of blood clots; all patients received surgical treatment. Intraoperative ultrasound examination of the cysts had an average diameter of 5.2cm and a wall of 0.2~0.4mm. Among them, 19 cases of cysts contained "coffee-colored" liquid with varying degrees of blood clots, and 5 cases had no blood clots in the cysts but there were a lot of blood clots beside the cysts.  Conclusion: The application of enhanced CT scan in patients with hemorrhage corpus luteum cyst is of great value. It can provide accurate data reference for clinical treatment and is worthy of promoting its clinical application.