A Randomized Controlled Clinical Study of Irinotecan/cisplatin Regimen and Etoposide/cisplatin Regimen in the First-line Treatment of Small Cell Lung Cancer


Objectives: This paper mainly study on the effects of irinotecan/cisplatin and etoposide/cisplatin regimens in the treatment of small cell lung cancer. Methods: 50 cases of small cell lung cancer patients in our hospital were divided into control group and experimental group and administered with etoposide/cisplatin and irinotecan/cisplatin regimen, and the treatment effects of the two regimens were compared statistically. Results: After treatment, both groups achieved high treatment efficiency, and the incidence of toxic side effects was low, with no significant difference (P>0.05)? serological ABCG2 and FGFBP1 level indicators were better than the control group?both showing significant differences (P<0.05). Conclusions?Irinotecan has achieved better improvement in serological indicators in the first-line treatment of small cell lung cancer, with no significant difference in short-term treatment efficiency.