Screening of Biomarkers for Hypertension Susceptibility in Pregnancy


Objective: To study the differential lncRNA / mRNA expression profiles of placental tissues in patients with gestational hypertension, analyze their possible mechanisms of action, and explore their target genes and small molecule drug-related lncRNAs. Methods: Three patients with gestational hypertension who were treated in our hospital from May 2018 to May 2019 were selected as the research subjects and three healthy pregnant women who underwent a prenatal examination in the same hospital were selected as the control group. The placental tissues were taken from the patients. RNA-sequencing was performed to construct lncRNA/mRNA differential expression profiles; screening differentially expressed lncRNAs were used to predict target genes, and GO and KEGG enrichment analysis predicted the biological functions of target genes and the enriched signal pathways, respectively. Protein-protein interaction network, lncRNA-miRNA-mRNA network, and differentially expressed gene-small molecule drug association networks were constructed. Results: RNA-seq analysis revealed 19 differentially expressed lncRNA (4 up-regulated; 15 down-regulated) (P<0.05). Moreover, 423 differentially expressed genes (DEGs) (84 up-regulated; 339 down-regulated)(P<0.05). GO and KEGG enrichment analysis found that gestational hypertension is mainly related to endothelial cell damage, inflammatory response, abnormal immune regulation, and abnormal trophoblast invasion. The PPI network and lncRNA-miRNA-mRNA network were constructed. Differentially expressed gene-drug small molecule prediction results found 19 pairs of differentially gene-small drug relationship pairs, mainly including antibody, inhibitor et al. Conclusion: Differently expressed lncRNAs in the placenta of patients with gestational hypertension can participate in the regulation of multiple biological functional level-related signal pathways through targeted regulation of their target genes, and play an important role in the occurrence and development of gestational hypertension. The predicted small molecule drug can be used as a reference for clinical treatment.