Analysis of High-Frequency Ultrasound in the differential Diagnosis of Lumps in Foot and Hand


Objective: To investigate the ultrasonogram characteristics of common lumps in hand and foot, pursuing for greater understanding of hand and foot lumps. Methods: 65 cases of ultrasonographic characteristics of lumps in hand and foot were retrospectively analyzed, including the location, size, shape, boundary, internal echo and posterior echo, surrounding relationship and blood flow. Results: Among 65 cases, there were 26 cases of tendon sheath cyst, 16 cases of tenosynovitis giant cell tumor, 10 cases of hemangioma, 4 cases of tendon sheath fibroma, 3 cases of epidermoid cyst, 2 cases of Schwannoma, 2 cases of fibrolipoma, 1 case of angiolipoma and 1 case of neurofibroma. The preoperative and postoperative pathological diagnoses of 45 cases, accounting for 69.23%, were consistent, 3 cases (4.62%) were misdiagnosed, which included that 2 cases of tenosynovitis giant cell tumor were misdiagnosed as tendon sheath cyst, 1 case of neurofibroma as epidermoid cyst, and the preoperative diagnosis of the rest 17 cases(26.15%) were indefinite. Conclusion: The high-frequency ultrasound can diagnose properties of lumps in foot and hand well, providing diagnosis basis for further treatment in clinic.