English Language Teacher Training: An Analysis on the Use of Information and Communication Technologies at Biângulo School Taguatinga
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Information and Communication Technologies
English Language
Academic education
Submitted : 2023-06-21
Accepted : 2023-07-06
Published : 2023-07-21


This article features the results of a survey about the academic education of the English language teacher regarding the use of Information and Communication Technologies. In this sense, the study had the following question: does the English language teacher learn in his initial training to use technological tools in the classroom? The research had a methodological objective to be applied, inductive and with a qualitative approach. It is concluded that the interviewed teachers do not receive, in their graduation periods, the necessary preparation to master the use of Information and Communication Technologies in the classroom, therefore there is a need for improvement in the academic education of these professionals in order to better prepare them for the job market.



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