Practice and Exploration of Mixed Teaching of Microelectronics
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Microelectronic technology
Mixed teaching
Learning needs
Learning enthusiasm
Learning motivation



Submitted : 2022-10-30
Accepted : 2022-11-14
Published : 2022-11-29


The mixed teaching mode plays an increasingly important role in stimulating students’ interest and autonomy in learning, and strengthening students’ learning ability. The full integration of mixed teaching mode and microelectronics teaching can not only achieve the teaching objectives smoothly, but also enable students to deepen their understanding and memory of relevant knowledge with the help of diversified and interesting teaching methods. Therefore, this paper takes the microelectronics course as an example to practice and explore the effective ways to carry out the mixed teaching mode. Teachers should not make full use of online and offline teaching resources, but also actively improve the traditional assessment systems. Through the continuous improvement of the practicality of online and offline teaching content, an easy-to-complex teaching method with a coherent content structure can be adopted to stimulate students’ learning motivation, improve their enthusiasm for participation, and lay a solid foundation for further improvements in the teaching of microelectronics technology.


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