Flood Risk Forecasting and Early Warning Technology for Medium and Small Rivers in the Yellow River Basin Induced by Heavy Rain


Yellow River
Risk warning




The Yellow River Basin is one of the important sand-producing and sediment-transporting areas in China, and one of the three most important sand-producing areas in the world. The amount of sand and dust days in the “Three Norths” (Dongbei, Xibei, and Huabei) area has increased, and regional sand and dust storms have occurred frequently. There are generally more serious hidden danger points of debris flow geological disasters in small and medium-sized river basins. The technical achievements of flood risk forecasting and early warning for medium and small rivers in the Yellow River Basin based on rainstorm-induced floods are important technical supports for flood forecasting and early warning for medium and small rivers. Based on this, a case study was carried out on the problems such as the weak forecasting and early warning ability of flood disasters induced by heavy rain and the low accuracy of flood disaster loss assessment in the flood disasters of medium and small rivers, for the reference of relevant personnel.


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