Introduction on Carbon Nanotubes (CNT) and Its Applications in Electronic Circuits

Manu Mitra


Carbon Nanotubes (CNT) in nanotechnology field are legendary for its strength and chemical inertness. Technically, we can alter carbon nanotubes based on our necessities and requirements such as single layered nanotube, double layered nanotube, multi layered nanotube etc. In this paper usage of carbon nanotubes in semiconductor devices such as nanomaterials, molecular dynamics of nanomaterials, heterojunctions using carbon nanotubes, diodes and Graphene Field Effect Transistor (GFET), its characteristics and data analysis are discussed. The major application of carbon nanotubes in electronic circuits is not limiting to improves the electrical and thermal conductivity due to its high stretchability feature and they also have a long life span and better durability over traditional electronic circuit’s materials.

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