Development and Application of Methane Leakage Monitoring System for Gas Transmission Pipeline


Oil and gas pipeline
Leak detection
Ultra-low power consumption
Methane gas sensor




Oil and gas pipeline transportation, as a relatively safe way of oil and gas transportation, undertakes most of the transportation tasks of crude oil and natural gas. Oil and gas pipeline accidents affect a wide range of consequences. Therefore, the oil and gas pipeline leakage detection is paid more and more attention. In this paper, ultra-low power methane gas sensor is selected to collect methane gas concentration in the air, and wireless network technology is used to build a wireless network sensor system with 4G function. Through the sensor distribution along the pipeline, it can intuitively and accurately judge whether there is a micro-leakage in the pipeline, and understand the diffusion situation after the leakage. The sensor system has high reliability and stability, and has high value of popularization and application.


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