Research on the Development of 5G Wireless Communication in the Industrial Field


The development of science and technology is the key to changing human life and promoting social and economic development. As a product of technological development, the widespread application of communication technology has brought a brand new "dawn" to the development of human society. 5G wireless communication technology is an advanced wireless communication technology that has recently developed. With the advantages of low energy consumption and high network speed, 5G technology has shown very bright development prospects in various fields today. Government, operators and equipment providers are actively promoting and deploying 5G technology, and all links in the industry chain are mature. It is expected that the future market size will reach 17 trillion, especially in today's industrial field, the application of 5G technology will further enhance work efficiency, ensure work quality, and promote good development in the industrial field. Based on this, this paper will study the development of 5G wireless technology in the industrial field, so as to provide corresponding reference for the good application of 5G technology in the industrial field.