Data Processing and Artificial Neural Network under Big Data


The origin of characters is that human beings can't remember all things, so they must be recorded to convey and inherit. Character is essentially a kind of coding for things. As a kind of text, numbers are concise, easy to understand, and convenient to write and verify. Understanding sentences is a decoding process. With the development of computer science, the question arises: can a computer understand language and apply it to life? For example, the translation is actually the decoding and recoding of words.

In previous studies, researchers focused on exploring whether computers can think and calculate like human brains. This needs to follow the grammar rules, word by word correspondence analysis. But this method is effective for short sentences and simple sentences, and it is very difficult to apply it to long and difficult sentences. At the same time, with the development of language, the different meanings and contexts of words also have a great impact on the decoding.

With the development of civilization, the decoding analysis of regular sentences is gradually replaced by statistics, because the semantic analysis of sentences is largely affected by the context. Therefore, the mathematical model is applied to decoding analysis.