A Study on the Cultivation Path of English Learning Initiative Ability of Xinjiang Students


The “counterpart aid to Xinjiang” is one of the important measures to implement the country’s western development strategy. It aims to shorten the gap between higher education in Xinjiang and the eastern region and to maintain the coordinated development of education, economy and society in the eastern and western regions. This article takes the counterpart support of Xinjiang students from the School of Foreign Languages of Jilin Engineering Normal University as an example to explore the problem of the initiative training of Xinjiang students in English learning in our school, mainly from the aspects of the students themselves, the teachers and the entire education and training environment of our school. The angle explains how to help them improve their learning initiative. This article is divided into three parts. The first is the analysis of the connotation of learning initiative; the second is its meaning; the last is how to build the learning initiative of Xinjiang students.