Degradation Process and Durability of Polymeric Materials for Architectural Applications

Silverio Hernández-Moreno


This review paper discusses the polymeric materials most commonly used in construction industry, where the main considerations and design recommendations for durability are reviewed. Besides, it aims to provide useful insights and information to professionals and researchers in areas related to construction and architectural materials to help them to make decisions when selecting materials from sustainable and durable design. The methodology was based on a review of scientific literature, where the main properties of polymeric materials were identified in the main considerations for the durable design of each polymeric material. We conclude that these materials consume large amounts of resources and energy in their process of manufacture, so, their use should be restricted. However, at the same time, they are durable and recyclable building materials with good operation and service life, especially serve as sealants, insulation,  paints, pipes, window frames and exterior finishes.

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